Photo Credit:  Tabia Lisenbee-Parker

Photo Credit: Tabia Lisenbee-Parker

Mwandisha (Disha) Gaitor is the culinary creator and owner of 2 Pieces of Toast (2POT), established in 2014. Culminating over 20 years of professional experience, Disha’s vision for 2POT (and its subsidiary Million Dollar Catering) is to provide the best in local and seasonal cuisine, sustainable eating, affordability and exemplary customer service. 2POT clients include prominent corporations and organization such as Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Emory University, ExpressJet Airlines, 100 Black Men of Atlanta, and Girl Scouts of America.

Born in South Central Los Angeles, Disha Gaitor was raised in a culturally rich and diverse community. Her mother (a successful culinary artist and member of the 2POT team) and her father (a historian and avid traveler) inspired Disha to tap into her soul’s purpose of service. Through exposure to a vast array of flavors from family meals, Disha’s childhood interest in food grew from learning secrets in her kitchen. This developed into a passion to provide her community with exciting culinary and sensory experiences.

Deeply rooted in the belief of infusing love into each of her creations, Disha and her team delight in creating custom designed meals, meeting the specific needs of each client. Whether preparing a vegan, vegetarian, meat and poultry or gluten-free meal, Disha enjoys celebrating the intersectionality of food. With each customer experience, Disha combines her culinary mastery and creativity resulting in savory and beautiful presentations reflective of the client.

In her spare time, Disha enjoys living a purposed life filled with traveling, singing, dancing,attending concerts and her quest for the best pancake ever! Disha’s mission is to create a cycle of communal prosperity and elevate the standard of cuisine by fulfilling her namesake. "Mwandisha" means “Angel writer” in Swahili. Disha is truly committed to raising awareness in the community on social injustice, abolishing food insecurities, poverty, and poor food accessibility. Referred by her peers as "The Chef of the Movement,” Disha takes pride in highlighting the benefits of local procurement from community gardens and growers.

“When in doubt, add some love. It makes it better.” ~ Disha Gaitor


Photo credit:   Steve West

Photo credit: Steve West

My name is Ernest Hood.

I was born in Gary, Indiana.

I was introduced to the world of art and entrepreneurship at a young age through my Father. He had a freelance sign painting business, and my mother was an accountant for the state of Colorado, where I grew up for years. They were both motivating and supportive role models, as they both taught me the importance of high standards, and how to use my social dexterity to my advantage. I find inspiration in all kinds of things, such as the constant adventure of city living, nature, people, music, and family. I feel my personal mission and purpose, is to extract the best of all that life has to offer, and share it with as many people as possible. My hobbies are bike riding, reading, traveling, visiting other family and friends, and watching movies. Some of my favorite and most memorable clients have expanded my network and added tremendous value to my life personally and professionally: Clyde Mize and William Murphy. I currently work at the SWAG Shop, located at 365 Edgewood, in the heart of the historic sweet auburn district in downtown old 4th ward, Atlanta. I've been serving the community with fresh looks and positive energy from this location over the past year. “How important is ‘street cred’ in your work?” I do understand the necessity of a good reputation, so I'd say street cred is important. What's more important is how your legacy holds up after you're gone. My hope is that my brand is synonymous with greatness and success. That's the mark I want my business to leave behind.

IG: @napturnner