Creative culinary arts

Full service catering. food stylist. wellness consulting. culture changers.


Within this creation station lies a collection of chefs, foodies, artists and thinkers with amazing talents to pull together dynamic launches, concepts, pop-ups, benefits, and socials servicing Atlanta’s historic neighborhood jewels, landmarks and best kept secrets. The key to our push is diversity! We aim to bridge together the very heart of the people of all ages, paths and demographics in social experiences, community enrichment and rekindling the essence of communication, activity and personal interaction.

Our primary purpose is to bring life to the many creative concepts the client creates. We are equipped to spearhead, design, develop and implement innovative programs and concepts to promote community vitality, health & wellness, artistic expression, and culinary creativity. Our platform will provide dedicated work to those executing launching of brands, merchandise, and awareness. In this, we provide a “vehicle” for this entity to facilitate all our services by creating a work force built around a sustainable pop up re-purposed real estate culture. Future goals are to:

  •  Collaborate with city and government officials, real estate brokers, investment teams and local organizations to assist with the needs of the communities.
  • Transform unused, abandoned, foreclosed, eyesore property to a sustainable creation station/mixed use space bringing life to the community it inhabits;
  • Invigorate culinary markets with new formats, concepts, seasonal sustainable menus and pop up locations as often as possible; keeping close to a Garden 2 Table / Farm 2 Table / School 2 table / Local & Organic Food Initiative.
  • Infuse our youth organizations, artist communities, gardens, schools, socialites and city officials of the wondrous possibilities in Atlanta neighborhoods, bringing functionality to dead and unsafe space, casting a wide net for diversity programs; instilling enrichment and value.

Our mission is to create a brand of concepts and pop-ups that ignite a movement in our metropolitan cities. Breathing life through arts, cuisine, cultural & community happenings is a mainstay.


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